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All our Jacuzzi® In-Home Saunas come with:

True Wave Heaters™

Each Jacuzzi® sauna comes with proprietary True Wave™ high output hybrid carbon-ceramic far infrared heaters.

Heaters can be found on the back wall, front wall, side walls with calf heaters, beneath the bench, and beneath the floor.

The ideal sauna will have heaters surrounding you on all walls, under bench and under floor. All Jacuzzi® saunas have these.

Carbon Ceramic Compound Sauna
Low EMF Saunas

Ultra low EMF

Clearlight Infrared® offers the first independently tested ultra low EMF heater. Each Jacuzzi® sauna has patent pending virtually EMF free infrared heating technology.

Clearlight Infrared® was the pioneer of low EMF carbon heaters in the sauna industry. We offered low EMF heaters many years before our competitors had any concern about EMF radiation.

All our sauna models are ultra-low EMF – in fact where you’re sitting the EMF levels are virtually zero. This is just one of the many areas where Jacuzzi® saunas continue to be the front-runners.

ELF Shielding

Just as important as eliminating EMF, Clearlight Infrared® is the only infrared sauna manufacturer in the industry that shields against ELF (extremely low frequencies.)

All Jacuzzi® saunas are shielded from high levels of EMF and ELF. It’s our commitment to offer the safest possible environment for each of our customers.

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Sanctuary 1 Half Glass Roof

eco certified wood

Every Clearlight Infrared® Sanctuary and Clearlight Infrared® Premier model is hand sanded and the wood panels are color matched.  Every sauna meets strict ETL safety certifications to ensure it meets or exceeds all product safety standards.

Select your choice of Eco Certified sustainably harvested Canadian Cedar Wood or North American Basswood.

Bluetooth Sound System

Each sauna comes standard with Bluetooth sound system, Nakamichi speakers and an auxiliary input so that you can fully immerse yourself in the environment perfect for you.


Chromotherapy Lighting

All Jacuzzi® Saunas are fitted with our Basic Chromotherapy lighting.

Our Clearlight Infrared® Sanctuary saunas include our Medical Grade Chromotherapy lighting. With 96 LED lights, the intensity of this chromotherapy unit is unmatched.  You can select an individual color or press “auto” mode and the unit will cycle through the all of the colors.

Contact your infrared sauna specialist for more information about our Medical Grade Chromotherapy.

Reversible Benches

22″ Reversible ergonomic bench that’s flat on one side and ergonomically curved for exceptional comfort on the other side. Flip it and try both!

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Lifetime Warranty

We offer the best warranty in the infrared sauna business. That means Complete Limited Lifetime Warranty on the entire sauna and all its components for the entire lifetime of the original owner.

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